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DPAC – Protest against the cuts – on 26th March

There is to be a protest march in London, on 26th – this is against all the cuts to Benefits for the most vulnerable in society.
If, like me, you will be unable to attend, could you show your support by going online at the following link, and registering your protest, so you can be included in the map being filled in by those unable to attend?

The link is:


As an aside, after a lot of struggle, and an extension granted by my tutor, I’ve managed to finish my TMA, and send it off to be marked!

I probably won’t get the same average mark I have had before, but that’s fine – I just want to pass, so I can complete this course!
I start my final Block today – Contemporary Trends, which looks very interesting – and then it’s one more TMA, and then the End-of-Module Assessment, some 3,000 words. To a wordy girl like me, sheer heaven! Lol

With my health in tatters the way it is, just to complete this course will be an amazing achievement, so I look forward to the end of the module with as much enthusiasm as I had started out with.

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