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And the results are in . . .

I went online today, to get away from all the wedding frenzy, and, as a matter of course, I checked to see if my results were in – and they were!

I’ve got my lowest score since joining the O.U. – 62%.

I’m not downhearted, as it’s a reasonable pass, considering how ill I’ve been recently, and the comments left by my tutor were fairly constructive, and entirely reasonable, considering this is a Level 3 course.

The main fault, was that I generalised too much, and that’s a definite no-no with  this type of study. I hold my hands up to that as, frankly, as soon as I read something, it was gone again, so I found myself generalising just to have something to say, as my mind seems to be a constant blank.

What this means, as far as writing my EMA is concerned, is that I’m going to have to really, really concentrate, so that I don’t make the same mistake, as it won’t be my tutor marking it. Whoever does so, won’t really know why my standards have slipped so much, nor how my illnesses really affect me, although, unless you have the same health problems that I do, I don’t think anyone would know just how much it is affecting me 😦

All I can do is try every day to do a little bit of the EMA, and then leave enough time towards the cut-off time, so that I can really edit properly, to get as good an essay as I possibly can.
If I can stay at this level, and get a Grade 2 Pass for my course, it won’t be so bad as, even if I got a distinction for my next, and last, course, I’ll still end up with a Grade 2 Pass for my BA (Hon).

One day at a time . . .

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