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And I’m into the last straights . . .

Well, at least, I’ve actually caught up with myself at last! 🙂

I’ve finally finished all the critical readings, and done the activities, and so now I need to turn to the TMA – especially as it’s due in this Thursday coming (the 21st).
But at least I’ve already made a start on it, by completing the introductory paragraph, so I won’t be faced by a blank sheet when I get on with it – that’s something at least! Lol

But it’s the getting on with it that I’ve a problem with, as I’m here writing this, instead of there, writing the TMA – procrastination is an art form with studying, I’ve found {grin}

I will get down to it, though. But I do need a break of a day, to get my head around what I’m going to write as, even though I don’t write well to a plan, I do at least need some sort of guideline to work on, or it’ll just end up an indecipherable mess!

Wish me luck?

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