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Getting back into study-mode . . .

I’ve been hoping upon hope that I become well enough, and awake enough, to start looking at the books delivered to me for my new module but, unfortunately, I’m only getting a couple of hours a day when I can think straight, let alone absorb a totally new subject ūüė¶

I know, I’m going to have to try, and very soon, as the module starts officially on 1st October – and that’s only a couple of weeks away now {gulp}, but I do have to confess that this long break between modules has got me out of the studying habit – again!

Once I’ve got back to it, even if it’s only 15 minutes here, and 20 minutes there, throughout the day, I can normally keep this up, barring really bad-health days, throughout the module. It’s getting back into that frame of mind that¬†I¬†find the hardest, though.

I think the problem is, that I’ve been catching up on my ‘normal’ reading; trying to reduce that huge ‘to read one day’ stack of books on my shelves, although, to be honest, I’ve not really done much of that¬†either this break :/

When I first started to study, the newness of it all was very exciting, and quite a bit scary. But now that I’ve been doing it for 6 years – with the battles with my ill health throughout it all – I confess to feeling quite weary. I never thought I’d admit this, but, in a way – and probably just temporarily – I’m kind-of glad this will be my final module before getting my BA (Hon)!

Knowing myself, and my love of learning, I’ll probably be pining for yet another course after only a couple of weeks of this one ending but, with the huge increase in the module prices, they’d be way out of my league, even if I could pay monthly.¬†

I guess I’ll have to keep in mind what I’ve said before – the freedom from studying with the O.U., will then give me all the time in the world, in order to start researching all the myriads of facts I’m going to need, especially if I’m going to bring one of my story ideas to fruition! As the characters keep nudging me when I’ve nothing else to think of, it’s not something that will go away if I try to ignore it {grin}

But, for now, I guess I’m going to have to try and open those books, and attempt to get into study mode,¬†tout¬†de suite!

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