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I’ve got my tutor, at last . . .

. . . although, I was saddened to discover that she’s based in Cardiff, half a country away from myself 😦

Mind you, all this actually means, is that I won’t be going to the first tutorial – something that I doubt I would have been able to do, even if it were taking place next door to me – so I guess it makes no difference really where any of us are – and that fact, more than anything else, has been one of the most convenient features of my study life with the Open University 🙂

One of my nephews has gone to a brick Uni, just this last weekend and, although I’m sure he’s going to have the best of times there, I’m also certain that so very many people would have been unable to take up the same way of learning, whether through illness, disability, work pressures, having to stay at home because of Caring needs, or many other different reasons. So the Open University has become a life-line to so many of us who want to learn, for whatever reasons.

Another thing I’ve learned, through looking at the new module website, is that we’ll be using the Elluminate facility for our second tutorial and, as I hadn’t a clue about it, I decided to go onto my student home-site, and follow the links there that show me how to use it all.

As it happens, I found that I didn’t have the right Java installed for the programme, so at least I was able to correct that well before the module starts, and I’ve found links for me to be able to practice using the programme, so I’ll be making use of them as much as I can, before the tutorials start 🙂

All-in-all, it’s been a busy couple of days for me, with a lot busier a time looming shortly.

I’m just glad, and a bit sad, to be getting back into my study harness, for the very last time 🙂

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