2 1/2 weeks in . . .

and I really don’t know what’s hit me!

I have to admit that I’m struggling with this course already, as there are so many new concepts, and a huge amount of terminology, to learn, and remember!

It’s coming to me painfully slowly at the moment, as the weather has got wet and cold, which always affects my health adversely, and so I’m having to cope with a body that wants to sleep all the time and, every time I awaken from yet another unplanned nap, it is to pain – and the certain fact that I’ve forgotten everything I was reading when I fell asleep, yet again! Grrrr

But I’m not giving up hope!

Provided the O.U., can make some allowances for my tardiness, I’m going to keep plowing on, in the hopes that I can at least absorb enough to write my first Tutor-Marked Assignment, due in by midday on the 27th October!

I’ve just had to look it up, even to know what the question is, as I’ve forgotten, even though I read through it yesterday 😦

But, in the words of Gloria Gaynor: ‘I will survive!’ Lol 

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