I guess I will try, try, try again!

It’s been a bad few days for me since I got my results, I have to admit. 

I haven’t felt this down about my health, and how my ailments affect me, for quite some time, so this depression hit me hard.

But I am so very fortunate in having a loving spouse and daughter, and also a huge adopted family of brothers and sisters in faith, who have helped me to adjust a little to this latest set-back 🙂

There is also the fact that, after 6 years with the OU, I learned yesterday that there is a Learner Support number I could call, to talk over my problems – and, boy! was I glad I phoned them 🙂

When I explained my situation to them, they couldn’t have been more helpful. I’d originally phoned them to give up the course but, after listening to my various options, and the help I can get to keep carrying on, I decided that I would keep on going, and at least submit something for the next 2 tutor-marked-assignments! 

With extra help agreed to by my tutor, I’ll be doing what I can to prepare for the end-of-module-assessment too, so that, after days of having no hope, I feel there is at last a glimmer there in front of me once more 🙂

I know that, in the great order of things, not getting the honours part of my degree isn’t the most world-shaking of events, but I have to admit that, with all the effort I’ve put in to it already, it does make sense to at least submit something, to have a chance of a pass, than just abandoning the whole thing half-way through.

So, once again, and like the famed tortoise in the race with the hare, I’m going to be plodding my way along the rest of this course, until I reach the finish line 🙂

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