And the results are in . . .

For the first time in my 6 year history with the Open University, I’ve got a mark below the 60% level 😦

I went onto the OU Studenthome, and saw that my tutor had posted my mark this morning and, although I hadn’t expected a great mark, to get the one I had was a real shock – I got 58%!

I sat and read the summary my tutor wrote, and then all the comments on my TMA itself, and then I have to admit that I sat there and just cried.

It wasn’t so much the mark itself, but the fact that the comments made me see just how badly my health has deteriorated. Even a year ago, I wouldn’t have had the type of comments my tutor made about my work. I’ve forgotten so much of what I’ve learned, and I have made mistakes in my formatting, sentence structure, and various other things that make up the basic knowledge of how to write the English language. I had missed out too many criteria, hadn’t explained what I had mentioned in enough detail, and had generally made a complete hash of my work!

It has made me think seriously about giving up the course, as the next TMA is a double one, with 3,500 words to find, and then there’s another TMA, and the dreaded End-of-Course-Assessment, with each one getting progressively harder 😦

As I haven’t been able to rely on my tutor for any help, as she’s having to cope with a family bereavement, I can’t think of any other recourse than to give up the module, and just accept my BA, without the Honours I was hoping to achieve.

If I had been able to continue on with another module later on this year to get my Honours, I would have done but, as I’m in my last year of financial help towards my learning, there’s no help to be had!

It’s definitely not the way I foresaw the ending of my Uni life. 

I didn’t expect to go out with a bang, but I certainly didn’t expect it to end on a whimper, either 😦

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