‘My Little Monster’ Hat :)

Well, I’m still crocheting away at the blanket I’m crafting for my daughter, and I’m now on the 5th of 6 sections, so I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to finish it soon.

It’s a shame I couldn’t get it done by later on today, as Brex has been visiting with us, and I would have loved to give her the blanket to take home but, as she’s leaving for Bristol this afternoon, I know there’s no way I’d be able to finish it in time.

But at least she’s taking the one gift I was able to make for her yesterday 🙂

Brex has a friend who is having a baby very soon, and she had been telling me how she wished she was better at crocheting, as she wanted to make a gift for the baby. As she’s still only at the practise stage, I offered to make something for her.

We decided on a hat and, as her friend has a really great sense of humour, Brex asked me if I could manage something different to all the usual baby bonnets, preferably with bright colours, and with a daft theme – maybe a monster hat?

Well, as I’m totally new to crocheting baby items, I went online to my favourite crochet tutor, Claire, from BobWilson123, who has an amazing amount of tutorials on YouTube

I looked through all the baby beanie tutorials I could find, and that might cover the sort of thing we were looking for and, in the end, we had 3 different patterns to choose from. As a joke, I said to Brex, ‘What if I take some aspects from all three hats, and put them together? Do you think your friend would like that?’

Well, the big grin that spread over her face said it all so, with a lot of trepidation, I started following the videos, to see how I could work this out . . .

Some hours later, I finished my project, and Brex was delighted with it, and so she took some photos of it, so I could put them here on my Blog 🙂

This is the front view of what I labelled the, ‘My Little Monster‘ Hat.

The basic baby beanie was made from Robin Paintbox DK wool, which is 100% Acrylic, and the beanie came from Claire’s Beanie with Bear Ears

The tutorial to make this can be found at:


I used my favourite Foxy DK Jade Green wool for the contrasting edging, and the cute bear ears, as well as the spine at the back.

The eyes were based on Claire’s Owl Beanie tutorial, and we decided to make 3 of them, with one slightly larger than the others. I used various bits of wool that I had in my ‘bits & bobs’ drawer – you know, all those leftover bits of wool that are too long to throw, but might be handy one day? Well, they sure were handy for me 🙂

The Owl Beanie tutorial can be found at:


The spine I added came from her Dinosaur Beanie tutorial, and can be found at:


Here’s a side view of the hat (I had placed it over a small bowl, to give it some shape for the photos)

And here’s a back view, showing the spine, and the back of those cute ears 🙂

I must admit, I’m so very glad that it turned out so well, and doing this has given me the courage to experiment a bit more – but only once Brex’s blanket is finished, of course!

I do hope you like what I’ve done, Claire? 🙂

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