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Why I’m called The Night Owl

I thought I’d just let you know why I chose ‘The Night Owl’ for my Blog name 🙂

Apart from the fact that I just love Owls, I’ve always been a bit of an insomniac, and so, over the years, I literally became a night owl!

When I began to crochet, I did most of the work in the wee small hours of the morning, and so I decided to use The Night Owl for my Logo.

Whenever I make something, I always try to add my logo, in the shape of a tiny metal owl, onto the item, to show it was I who crafted it. I’ve also had special labels created that I hand sew – rather badly – onto any item that will take it 🙂

I really am a crochetoholic now, and do as much as I can, health willing 🙂


The picture, above, is just about my most favourite item that I’ve crocheted up to date – a neck pillow for my daughter to use, as she travels so much with her work as a Stilt-Walker and Fire Performer with Slamboree & Pyro Celtica. It has travelled many miles with her, and will hopefully travel ever more as she goes about doing what she does best 🙂


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