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It’s Oh, So Quiet . . . .

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 4 weeks since I posted anything!

Despite the lack of this, I have actually been about as busy as I can be, health permitting – and it’s all things that I’m crafting for my daughter, either as presents for her, or for her friends, and so I’m unable to post anything on here, in case she sees what she shouldn’t – well, until she comes here for a visit and sees the stuff for herself, anyway 🙂

I’ve finished the majority of the little bits & bobs I was doing for her, and have been concentrating for quite a few days – with even more of them to come before I finish – on one particular present for my daughter, but it’s a surprise for her, so all I can say is ‘Mascot’, and that’s all I am saying! Lol

I’ve been looking through all my girl’s latest photos – she’s a keen picture taker and, as she’s working at every major festival this year, she’s had plenty of subjects to photograph. As I can’t be there with her, it’s lovely to see the fun she has been having, despite all the hard work 🙂I spoke to her last night on Facebook, and I found out she’s going to be going back to the Burning Man Festival, with the Firework Collective, this year! Excitement! 🙂

As I can’t put up any pics of my work, I thought I’d share a few pics of my very hardworking girl. They’re not in any particular order. 🙂

Brex with Slamboree, Eden Festival

Brex with Pyro Celtica, Eden Festival
Brex on Fyre!

Brex with Ashley Dawn Clarke, Glastonbury

Brex chillin’ at Beatherder

Hear Brex Roooaaar


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