10 Things of Thankful # 10

Is it me, or is time galloping along? It only feels like a couple of days since I posted my #9 post, and here’s Saturday rolled around once more!

I’m feeling a little guilty, actually, as I wasn’t well enough to contribute to many Blogs last week – but I did try to read as many of them as I could, when I could and, once again, everyone amazed me with the things they’d found to be thankful of.

I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough now so, without ado, here are this week’s 10 things of Thankful:

1.   I’m thankful for discovering an amazing Blog a few months ago. It’s called 23 Thorns, and is written by an amazingly funny man who lives with his wife and children in South Africa. He not only writes some amazing stuff about the local flora and fauna, but he can be hysterically funny while doing so! I read his post of the 3rd October, and I laughed so much I nearly wet myself! I haven’t laughed like that in soooooooolong, so it was an amazing boost! Here’s the link – go on – read his post, you’ll have such a laugh! http://23thorns.com/
2.   I’m thankful for the amazing artistry of a friend who has decorated a special clock I bought for my hubby for our Pearl Anniversary. She managed to add everything that symbolises us, our love, and the things that mean a lot to us both. It’s something I know we will both treasure for the rest of our lives J

3.   I’m thankful that my girl is coming to stay for a few days from this weekend. I haven’t seen her for what seems like an age, and I so want to see my amazing daughter, and hug her for all the time I’ve been missing her J
4.   Following on from that, I’m just so very thankful for the wonderful relationship I have with my daughter. I never could talk to my mum in the way that Brex and I can talk, and I thank God every day for my miracle child, and the fact that we are firm friends, as well as mother and daughter.
5.   With that, I’m also thankful for amazing friends. My best buddy, Mirjam, moved back to Holland to be near her mum, who isn’t well, and I’ve been missing her something terrible. Just a few days ago, there was a knock at the door, and it was a local florist holding a big bouquet of flowers from my dear friend, who sent them in plenty of time for our 30th wedding anniversary. It made me miss her even more, but in a nice way J

6.  I’m also very thankful for my spiritual brothers and sisters, who do their very best to keep me spiritually alive and well. Being unable to go to my meetings really hurts me at times, as I really miss that amazing feeling I always used to get in our mutual worshipping of Jehovah God and Christ Jesus – but my spiritual family have banded together to help me, and go out of their way to make sure that I don’t miss out too much on that special meeting of minds, hearts and spirit.

7.   I’m thankful to Lovefilm, who have all the old series I used to love watching – like Married with Children – and who give me an unlimited amount of viewing time – I think I’ve watched more films, and old series, this year than at any other time.
8.   I’m thankful, once again, for the internet, as it not only keeps me close to family and friends, but is the means for my entertainment, as above! Lol
9.   I’m thankful for digital cameras. My hubby kept talking about the small river that runs through our little woodland (we get otters coming through here regularly), which I’ve never been well enough to go look at, and he eventually realised that he could take photos of it for me! Lol He did this today, even though it poured down for most of the day! J

10. And, lastly, I’m really thankful for the amazing ladies all over the world that I’m currently sharing a Granny Square swap with. It will be so very nice to put all of those squares I’m getting together, and make the baby blanket that I promised to a friend of my daughter who has just given birth to a baby girl. She loves to travel, so will appreciate that every square will have been lovingly made by somebody from a different part of the world to us. 

Ten Things of Thankful


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12 responses to “10 Things of Thankful # 10

  1. What a lovely list!

    I really pray that someday my daughter & I have a relationship like the one you described of you and your daughter. We are onto a great start — but then she is only *almost* 11. 🙂

    Happy 30th Anniversary!!


  2. I couldn't agree more about the benefit of digital cameras…so accessible, so flexible in use.

    (also liking the internet overall, simply because it brings people together like, maybe nothing in history)


  3. How nice of your husband to take a picture of the small river! It looks like a gorgeous place! Oh, and I love otters!

    The granny square thing is just adorable! What a wonderful idea! Love it!


  4. I'm thankful I have a relationship with my mom like you have with your daughter. Enjoy your time with her!


  5. So glad you are going to get to spend some time with Brex!
    How sweet of your friend to send you the flowers for your anniversary. They are beautiful!
    And BTW, Happy Anniversary!
    What a great idea for your husband to take photos for you. It looks like a gorgeous neck of the planet.
    Have a lovely week!


  6. I love Granny Square afghans and have made several baby ones as gifts when I was younger (although never for my own when they were babies – hmmmm).

    My daughter and I are very close, and I can't imagine how hard it will be when she moves away from home someday! Enjoy your time with Brex!


  7. So glad your daughter is coming to visit and that you have such a wonderful relationship. By the way, I also loved Married with Children back in the day. And the photos you took are beautiful!! 🙂


  8. I love the picture of your river area. So very lush and green.

    The granny square swap sounds awesome.

    Lovefilm could possibly be my new best friend. I should probably not look it up, or I might never get any work done again.


  9. First of all, congratulations on your 30 year wedding anniversary! And isn't it wonderful being sent flowers unexpectedly? The photos of the woodland are beautiful. I very thankful for digital cameras too and I LOVE otters, but have only ever seen them at the zoo. They were my favourite animal when I was a kid. Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time with Brex 🙂


  10. The Granny Square Swap sounds awesome. What fun to be part of.

    I'm so glad that in spite of your ill health, the world has been brought to you by your husband, friends, and the internet. So nice to be connected and to feel cared for 🙂

    LOVE the flowers, and I'll check out the blog link – thanks for the recommendation.


  11. Oh my goodness….very very funny! I have to go change now! Just sent the link to some South African friends. Thanks for the heads up!


  12. wow… how cool is that granny square thing? I have to get over to that laugh out loud blog… not that I need to wet myself but hey in the interest of a good laugh its a sacrifice Im willing to make!


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