AAV: 10 Economic fairy stories that people need to stop believing in . . .

I’ve just been reading Another Angry Voice’s post today, and it has so many points to consider when listening to all the Tory b******t about our economy!
I had to agree with every point made, so why don’t you follow the link below, and read it for yourselves – and do let me know what you think? 🙂

10 Economic Fairy Tales . . .




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2 responses to “AAV: 10 Economic fairy stories that people need to stop believing in . . .

  1. Yes, it was an interesting, and thought-provoking, read 🙂

    I think the only way that the government can be made to face up to the shambles it, the lib-dems, and New Labour, have caused, is if Jeremy Corbyn is voted back in again, and that he then makes sure that the swell of grassroots power is 100% behind him – that’s the only way that I can see this deadlock of Privilege and Power in control of everything, changing to a more democratic People Power! :/


  2. An interesting post you directed us too. Lets hope that the new government will address the real economic issues.

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