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Last Thursday’s demo. Sorry it’s late.

I wish there were more people, like our own MP’s, and especially the Labour Party, who would do as much as this wondeful lady is, despite her own problems!
Well done for keeping on, Charlotte! 🙂

The poor side of life

Last Thursday was extremely busy and I found it hard to keep up with everything that was going on. The reason being that there were complex issues to be dealt with and because we are outside the Jobcentre and not in an office, it’s not the easiest of environments.

The feeling of worry fills the air and sometimes I wish that I had super powers to enable myself to solve everyone’s problems in a flash.

A lady,  one of our regular attendees arrived crying. She is featured in the film that I posted last week, which was made by ARD tv. She has complex issues, and to be honest doesn’t have a clue what is happening to her.

She explained the latest developments, and I immediately saw the need for our intervention. She was due an ESA medical examination at her home the next day and I was frantically phoning…

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