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You Were Our Only Hope

I had to reblog this, as Katy put into words all the things I felt as I grew up, watching Star Wars, and wanting to be Carrie Fisher!
There have been so many losses this year but, for me, this will be the most poignant, as a true hero for women has gone 😦
I also read, just noe, that her Mum, Debbie Reynolds, has also died today 😦

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When I was growing up, way back in the mists of the Nineteen Seventies there weren’t that many cool role models for girls.

I say that. There were. Really there were, but not ones a small girl growing up in the East Midlands was likely to find out about until she was in her late teens and life got a bit more metropolitan. People like Frida Kahlo and Sylvia Plath didn’t really permeate my consciousness in the Seventies.

Film stars did, though.

Grease came out in 1978.  I was six years old. I wasn’t allowed to go and see it at the cinema. All my friends did. It was all we talked about in the school playground for weeks. We played Grease every play time, and naturally every girl wanted to be Sandy, and big fights would erupt over who got the honour.

I never got to be Sandy.  I was…

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