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ATOS Assessment Surveys- Please Share

Just read this, and I can’t believe that I was surprised at it – it’s yet another way they are trying to get around their true responsibilities ūüė¶

Same Difference

We spotted the following two posts in the Disabled People Against Cuts Facebook Group:

It appears that atos have started conducting surveys about assessments quite soon after the appointment. They ring and ask about the assessors conduct and if they felt that they were listened to etc. It would be wise to ask them to call back after the report has been received and the decision made as we are all too painfully aware of how badly people are being dealt with. If DWP and the contractors have been forced to do this because of the UN report an/or an internal issue about the number of complaints then, the only way they will get good feedback would be to make contact BEFORE people find out they were refused social security

Following on from my concerns about the telephone surveys atos have started doing after assessments, it has raised further issues…

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