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Be the light in the dark.

I truly wish I had the same way with words as this wonderful lady does – do read her post, as it really does shine a wonderful light in our present darkness 🙂

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Let’s look at some of the good things that happened this week shall we?

The women’s march was a corker. An absolute corker. I mean you knew it if you were there. You knew it if you saw how much trolling it generated (it’s a good litmus test) You knew it if you saw that Trump has taken one of the pictures of the Washington march and is pretending that it’s a picture of his inauguration crowd. Seriously. He has done this.

The people who said what was the point of marching? Well, they’re eating their words now. According to Whitehouse leaks, Trump is furious about the marching. He hates the marching. He hates it so much that about a hundred other marches have already been arranged including marching scientists. This is wonderful. I love marching scientists. I’m imagining thousands of Beakers from The Muppets taking to the streets, hair alight…

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