DWP sneaks out news of humiliating climbdown on mental health PIP payments . . .

mcvey f
DWP Secretary Esther McVey

The government has compounded its humiliation over a huge climb-down concerning PIP (Personal Independence Payments) to people with mental health issues – by trying to hide it.

Just a week or so into her new job as DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) Secretary, Esther McVey had to announce that she would be ending the government’s attempts to overturn a court decision that denying or reducing PIP to those who suffer ‘severe psychological distress’ when travelling alone is ‘blatantly discriminatory’.

But she did so in a written statement issued after parliament had finished sitting for the week.

Please click the link below to read the whole story on Sqwawkbox:

DWP Climbdown on PIP . . .




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2 responses to “DWP sneaks out news of humiliating climbdown on mental health PIP payments . . .

  1. Katy, I’m short of time this week, sorry. So I’d just like to tell you that I admire you for making public so much that is often hidden. I especially could relate to your previous post about the ‘dementia tax’. I wish governments would put more effort into prevention instead of doing as little as possible when it’s often too late to do much to help. Although I’ve read some impressive research showing how much people with a dementia can often be helped. I’ve had a little experience in that area myself, so thanks for the share.

    Hope you are doing well. I’m sending you Love and Light daily now. ~ Linne

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    • Thank you, Linne – Love & Light are always welcome 🙂

      Because the MSM are determined NOT to make these stories known, I feel it’s the job of every person who wants a more democratic future, to make sure that the things that are hidden, are brought out into the open, so that we can ALL decide what’s best for us, our families, and our country as a whole.

      I can’t do much, but I CAN make sure that I post about the facts that are hidden away – so that none of us are treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark, and fed on manure! 🙂


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