My Review of 'Regina's Song' by David and Leigh Eddings

Regina’s Song by David Eddings

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I started this book, not really wanting to, as I’d just finished ‘The Losers/High Hunt’ by the same authors and, while entertained, wouldn’t be reading them again, but, as is my rule, if I own a book, I should read said book – if only the once!

While I enjoyed Regina’s Song, there were aspects to it that really niggled as I read it:

Although set in the 90’s, the dialogue, and social behaviour, of the characters seemed more fit for something from the 50’s, with that same moral, and social, compass (and it really made me curse when the work in the house was so neatly divided – as was the house itself – into ‘boy’ territory and ‘girl’ territory, too! Grrrrr

Although I found the plot fairly gripping in places, it was obvious to me, fairly quickly, that it was the twin who was the killer – and why.

I also found the constant use of literary language to be soooooo pretentious – especially in the use of first person narrative, the frequent descriptions of the narrator’s view of the literary greats, and with the use of musical terms when naming the chapter titles – yes, it’s called ‘Regina’s Song’ – so, ‘aren’t I the clever one to use those terms as chapter titles?’ 😦

Like I said – pretentious!

We are meant to assume, I suppose that, because our authors are well read, have a taste for classical music, and can reference so many of the greats in literature, then this book must be in line with the classics – sorry, but no! It just gave me the uncomfortable feeling of it being out of it’s time – as if, like the twins in the story, two seperate books had been forced into one!

That was a good plot twist there, and it got me hooked for a while but, like the previous two fiction books I’ve read from the Eddings team, the ending just felt too pat, and too contrived, for my comfort, or taste.

The sad thing is, that I love the Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium & Tamuli books (they are like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers, after you’ve been on your feet, in heels, all day), to the point where I’ll re-read them every few years or so – but I just can’t get my head around the fictional books that were produced both before, and after, them 😦

So, this is another book that’ll be going to the charity shop, rather than staying on my shelves!

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