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And my final results are in . . .

I received an email from a student friend yesterday, telling me that she had just received her exam results for her final module, and that she had also accepted a First Class Honours in Literature!

I was just so delighted for her, as we have been studying together through all but this last, sixth, year with the Open University, and I know how hard she had worked 🙂

Before I sent her a congratulatory email, I quickly signed on to my Open University account, and checked my results!

For a few minutes I felt quite down, as I saw I had only received a Pass 3 for my final module – which was the first time I’d got one. But, after thinking about it, I realised that it wasn’t that bad a result, considering thatif you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know this last year has been absolutely awful for me, due to my many, and varied, health problems 😦

But, for some reason, I got it into my head that, with this result, it would mean that I wouldn’t pass my honours degree!

It was only on reading further that I saw, to my huge relief that, far from failing, I was actually being offered an Upper Second Class Honours in Literature – which wasn’t too far short of my friend’s result!

(I do hope you’ll pardon me, for the momentary sin of pride?) 


Once I’d calmed down a little, I quickly followed the instructions to accept my degree – and so, now all I need to do, is to wait for the certificate to be sent to me through the post 🙂

When I first started this learning journey in earnest, I had occasionally wondered if I could, or would, ever get a degree, and had daydreamed occasionally about walking on to a stage, in front of my fellow students, to accept it. This daydream often had lots of pictures being taken of me, in my OU gown, grinning triumphantly, and grasping my degree in my sweaty hand – but, of course, the reality of my situation always burst that little daydream – after all, if I can’t get as far as my nearest town, which is only a mile and a half away, how on earth did I think I could make it to an awards ceremony right across the country from me!

It took me a little time to accept this would never happen, and I kidded myself, for some time, that it didn’t really matter, knowing in my heart of hearts that, yes, actually, it did matter! 

But, six years after starting this adventure, it is really, and truly, the fact that I have kept on going with it, despite all the hurdles I’ve had to face, that is, I think, my best achievement!

So the idea of an awards ceremony is something to smile about now, and something I really don‘t regret missing out on, as the reality of my achievement gives me so much more pleasure 🙂

There was a little blood, a lot of sweat and, in this last year of study, a lake of tears has been involved in my achieving what I set out to do six years ago but, despite all of this, I’m just so glad I did it!

Not bad for a 50-year-old, broken-down, bookworm! 🙂

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