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‘Deprivation of Liberty’ deaths soar by 56% in a single year . . .

The SKWAWKBOX reported this week on the shocking tripling of deaths – from 83 in 2011 to 252 in 2016 – among people detained under the Mental Health Act, as mental health and police services have been degraded under Tory government.

old person in care.png

A further shocking phenomenon is revealed by the government’s Coroners’ Statistics: an increase of fifty-six percent in the number of deaths under ‘Deprivation of Liberty’ (DoL) authorisations.

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) allows for organisations – hospitals, care homes and others – to apply for authorisation to deprive or restrict a person’s liberty on the grounds of their mental capacity if it is considered necessary for their safety. ‘Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards‘ (DoLS) exist to ensure – in theory – that a person is not unnecessarily deprived of any more of their liberty than is absolutely necessary for their safety. These only apply in England and Wales.

To read the rest of this story, please press this link:

Deprivation of Liberty deaths soar . . .


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The Open University are definitely OK by me!

Due to the various health problems I suffer with, I’ve been having more and more trouble with holding the books I need for my various modules. My last module was the hardest yet, and was also the hardest to cope with, health-wise, especially as I had a really bad flare-up of more than one health issue, which continued throughout the whole course, particularly at the beginning, and at the end. 

So it was with delight that I received a parcel in the post, from the OU, containing a CD-Rom, which has supplied me with all of the PDF’s for my latest, and last, module, starting in October!

The OU have included both course books, the 2 study guides, and the course guide on it, which means that, when I’m in too much pain to move, let alone hold a book, I’ll still be able to keep up with my reading, using the CD-Rom.

I don’t know how good it will be as yet, at least, not until I start the module. Due to my health being so variable, I never know from one day to the next, as to whether I can study or not. But one thing is certain – the Open University have gone that extra yard for me, once again!

In the meantime, while I wait for the module to begin, I can at least have a good read of the course books, and this will give me some idea as to how I will be able to cope with whatever my health allows 🙂

I’m so very glad I joined up with the OU 6 years ago. They have done everything within their power to help me get to this place – just one more module, and I hope, and pray, I will have my BA (Hon) Humanities with Literature! {grin} 

The confidence this has given me is absolutely priceless, especially as I started this journey feeling totally and utterly useless, both in myself, and in relation to those around me who love and care for me. 
I don’t know whether I’ll ever be well enough to use all the things I have been taught in my time with the OU but, for a certainty, it has kept me sane, kept my short-term memory loss from getting too advanced, and has also kept the depths of depression I suffer with at a manageable level.

Thank you OU!


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And another TMA has gone!

I don’t know whether it is age, or just the sheer fact of being so busy, but I couldn’t believe that yet another month has flown by!

I crammed so much study into the last month, both secular and biblical, that I often didn’t know whether I was coming or going – and frequently met myself going both ways {grin}

But, despite another bout of bad health, I was happy to be able to get my TMA02 off in time on Thursday, despite last-minute panics that I’d need to use an extension to finish it off.

I have to admit that I’m struggling a bit with this course. I’m not sure whether it’s a lot tougher than I had expected, or whether its just a by-product of my illness, that makes it harder to comprehend, and retain, the knowledge that, at one time, would have been a doddle for me to absorb but, whatever the cause, the result is that I’m having to read, and then re-read, all the information needed for me to complete my TMA’s.
And there’s such a lot of information that needs absorbing with this course!

I’ve lost count of how many critics I’ve had to read for this TMA and, no doubt, as the course progresses, there will be even more!
I’m not really complaining of this (well – not much, anyway!) but I do find it hard that something I used to take for granted, has now become a bit of a chore for me to complete. But, despite this, I really do enjoy the process of learning new things, and wouldn’t dream of giving up so close to the finishing line.

I only have this course, and one more level 3, to do, and then, supposing I pass both of them, I will have achieved my BA (Hon) – with a lot of effort, and, no doubt, frequent pulling of hair, and gnashing of teeth – something every student is intimately familiar with at one time or another!

I’m not sure whether I’m looking forward to that time with gratitude that this marathon stint of learning will be over, or with regret that it is, but one thing’s for sure, I’ll still be pressing the button that means I’ve booked yet another course with the Open University – even if it’s only a 10-pointer to keep my hand in!

There is something truly addictive about the process of learning new things – something I rediscovered when I started studying the Bible – and I don’t think it’s something that I’ll ever want to stop!

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The results came in . . .

Due to being terribly busy with my course work, it’s been a while since I came to my blog, and I realised that I hadn’t posted my TMA01 results.

I got them back two weeks after the cut-off date and, for the first time since I became a student with the Open University, I was terribly disappointed with the results.

I had got 64% – the lowest ever for me – and it was a good few hours before I got over the disappointment – mainly due to good friends telling me off for trying to be such a perfectionist, both because of my state of health, and because this is a level 3 course and, apparently, for the first TMA, this was a fairly good result!

It just goes to show, how habit has a way of ruling your life, because, throughout my education while growing up, I was always a straight-A student, and the limits my bad health have put on me now are things I rail against fervently!
I could cry at times when I think of how sharp my mind was, how good my memory and, now, through illness and medication taken, I feel as if I have been robbed of something special, something that was an intrinsic part of who I am.
(Sorry folks, I’m over my winging fit now {grin})

Anyhoo, as I was saying, I’ve been really busy since I sent in my first TMA, and it has been a bit of a shock at just how much I’m having to read for this course – this not being helped by the fact that I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so I find myself having to re-read what I’ve already done, just to remember what it was! 
Veeery frustrating! Lol 

But, despite all that, I’m actually enjoying this course much more than I thought I would, despite the fact that there’s just so many critics to read, understand, absorb, and comment on! 🙂

My mantra has become, ‘I know I can do it, I’m sure I can do it, I will do it!’

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And another poem is being published!

I opened my post yesterday, and one of the letters I had informed me that, although I hadn’t won 1st prize in the poetry contest I’d entered, they did wish to publish my poem, St David Was Born Here, in a new anthology called ‘A Guiding Light’.
I am well pleased about this, as the more work I have out there, the better chance I have of being seen one day, maybe!
We can all dream I suppose . . .
There’s no money in it, but I don’t care much at the moment – it’s just lovely that I was considered good enough to publish, especially as this was a national competition, so there must have been tons of entries! I also get to keep the copyright of my poem, which I’m pleased about as, one day, I’d love to be able to gather all my poems together in an anthology solely for my own work – now that is a goal to aim for!

On the sci-fi story front – still no news. But I keep the axiom that no news is good news firmly in mind, and I’m hoping that the longer it takes, the more chance there is that my story will be accepted . . .

Only another 20 days to go before we get our ECA results! I’m really starting to get nervous with all the waiting. Mind you, all the other students I’ve spoken to are in exactly the same boat, and we all think it a kind of torture, to have to wait so long after submission for the results – and, yes, we all understand the sheer volume of stuff that needed to be marked, and marked fairly to boot – but it doesn’t stop the knee-jerk reaction we all seem to have that we’ll fail miserably for one reason or another. I don’t suppose there’s even one student out there who isn’t looking at the work they’ve done, and haven’t found something that they think is a glaringly bad mistake! Lol
But, whatever happens, I’m fairly sure the majority of us will pass, some with distinction, no doubt, although I’ll never be able to place myself in that category – my poor old memory makes sure of that! Lol

In the meantime, we all wait, and hope, and desperately try to distract ourselves with whatever we can until D-Day arrives.

Whatever your marks out there, well done for completing your course!


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I heard from Iota . . .

but nothing earthshattering, I’m afraid. But they have accepted four of my poems for admittance to their poetry competition. I won’t hear whether I’ve got anywhere until 2010, unfortunately, so I guess I’ll have to learn a little patience :/

Still no word about my sci-fi story as yet, but I guess no news is good news – right?

I’ve been reading quite a few children’s books recently. I know it’s getting ahead of myself, but I’m planning on doing EA300: Children’s Literature, in October, 2010, so I decided that, as I had some of the books already, I might as well gradually get the rest and read them ahead of time.
I received a lovely parcel from Amazon on monday, and it contained two of the books from the list:
Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by M. Taylor – ISBN: 9780140366259
The Other Side of Truth by B. Naidoo – ISBN: 978014130476

With both books, I couldn’t put them down from the first sentence to the last, and they both left me wanting more, so I shall be looking out for further books by two very talented writers!

With all the books, I plan on giving them a good read through, and then I’ll read them again, marking out passages that I find significant, or moving etc., using post-its, as I’m anally retentive where writing in books is concerned – unless the book is created to be written in, of course! Lol
That way, I’m hoping that they will be reminers for me when I get to do all that studying for real next year and, with my memory nowadays, I’ll need it!

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