Sorry, had to get that out of my system. lol
Got my 07 marks back- and they’re my best ones yet! 72%
I never expected to get that sort of mark, but it has certainly given me a boost – and reaffirmed my decision to do English Lit & Language!
I’ve now started on Block 6 – The Sixties, and, although I was born in 61, and only have a child’s-eye-view of events, it didn’t seem the way this Block has been written!
I’m quite disappointed that the writers of the block have made it so dry and dusty, with the music section having some of the worst selection of 60’s music they could have chosen!
I’m not sure how well I’ll do for this, as I’ve no real interest in it – although the science section is quite interesting, especially the section on thalidomide. But I’ll do my best, as I always do, and let you know how it goes on.
It has to be in by15th September, so it gives me a few weeks to pull my hair out while trying to get a decent essay together. At least we’ve been given 2000 words this time! 8~))
Once I’ve finished this TMA, it’s onto my final one – 09 – which will be done as if I’m taking a final exam – but I’ll cross that bridge as I come to it!
I’ll let you know how I get on with 08 first. :~}}

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