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On, on, on with the tasks!

Well, I managed to complete TMA 06 in time, with much help from a fabulous tutor, and sent it via the e-system. So now it’s a case of waiting for the shoe to drop!
We did Top Girls by Caryl Churchill for this one and, although I enjoyed the play, I found it a little too disjointed to truly enjoy as I might have done – but that’s the thing with learning, isn’t it? At least you find out what you do and don’t like in the literature world!
I’ve been looking back over my blogs, and I didn’t realise just how long I’ve been stuck in bed until now – it’s truly frightening to see how badly my health has gone down!
I’ve now got 5 things wrong with me, with four of them incurable at the moment – but the symptoms treatable to a certain extent – I’ve got PolyArthritus (Arthritus in many places), Fibromyalgia (To do with tendons, ligaments, and muscles), Lymphoedema (Damaged Lymph Nodes – with no treatment for it in my area), a blood disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome (Commonly known as Sticky Blood Syndrome), and the ever-present Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now, a least with the Carpal, there’s something that can be done, but there has been delays because of the discovery of the blood disorder, so I’m still really hopefull that they will operate in September, so that at least one thing can be sorted!
There were problems because of the blood thing, and I’ve been told that I’m going to have to have a local anaesthetic for this, as the general anaesthetic would react with the blood problem – it never ends, does it?
On the same topic of health, I haven’t mentioned my experiment with the Emu Oil Capsules and the Knotweed Tincture, have I?
Well, as you may have guessed by my lack of comment, it’s been a dismal failure – neither of them have done a thing for me, except make me lighter in the purse!
The only thing I can think of, as to why the Emu Oil Capsules worked for the girl who reccomended them to me, is because she’s got nothing else wrong with her, and the Fibro was a fairly new thing with her – so it looks like its a good thing for the early stages at least – pity I’m not there . . .
On a different tack, have you found this summer to be as dismal weather-wise as Bob and I have? It’s driving Bob nuts to watch all his veg rotting before its ready to be harvested – this time last year we had a freezer full of veg, ready for the winter, and this year – nada!
I’ve just treated myself, and had a marathon reading session, starting and finishing the latest, and last, Harry Potter book – and I managed it in 30 hours (I don’t sleep much, so why not?) I loved the book, and it’s put that finale on one of the longest of sagas I’ve read to date – it’s going to be strange not to hear my daughter, Brex, ask if I know when the next one is coming out!
I’m going to have a lazy weekend now, and start my last block on Monday (it should have started last week, but with my health the way it is . . . ). We’re due to study a play called The Rover, which I’m dreading, judging from the last intake’s comments of it then, pure bliss for me, Shakespeare’s Henry V and As You Like It – oh, I’m gonna be enjoying them!

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