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Way to go Aphra Behn!

I’ve just finished watching the DVD, provided by the O.U., of Aphra Behn’s The Rover, and what a pleasant surprise it gave me!

I had read of so many complaints about it from other students that I had been putting off watching it, or even reading the script provided – and I wish I hadn’t waited so long now!

It probably makes me a very strange person to like it so much, but it amazed me at the subtleties, and the darkness, that Behn showed through her characters – especially for something written by a woman, and in the 17th century – although, when you think about it, she had some of the best writers ever to learn her trade from, and it certainly shows that, despite the downer men had on the subject of women and education at that time, you can’t keep a good, and intelligent, woman down! lol

I don’t usually like ‘modern’ plays, where the scenery is minimalist, and the actors play a multitude of parts – but I have to confess that this really emphasised the plot, and themes, of the play, in a way that brought out so many thoughts for me, I don’t know whether I’l have the word-count to cover it all.

I’ve also watched the BBC’s 1979 transmission of Shakespeare’s Henry V, on DVD, with David Gwillim playing Henry. I’ve watched the Olivier, and the Brannagh versions of this, but I found this BBC version so much more authentic to the script etc., and thoroughly enjoyed Gwillim’s version of Henry.

The production gave a much better idea as to how it would be performed onstage as well, so was very helpful to me in performance matters so, all-in-all, I found it a very entertaining and educational performance.

Now all I’ve got to do is put all my ideas together for the perfect TMA answer – I wish!

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