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Last one gone – now on with revision!

Well, I sent off my TMA 07 on the 13th, and got my result back less than 24 hours later!
Not only was my tutor super-speedy, but she also awarded me with the second-highest score of my OU life – a lovely 72%!
It surprised me to get this result, as I’ve been feeling quite poorly but – and this proves a point – I wasn’t in as much pain since my left wrist has been operated on, so haven’t had to take so many pain-killers, which meant my mind wasn’t as foggy – and so my results improved :~))
I’ve just been spending the last couple of days sorting through all my course books, and all the notes and essays I’ve done – I’m trying to get everything I need together for my revision for the E**m, and my printer has been getting an overload of work while I print out all the various notes, summaries, and copies of poems I’m going to need for it all. I’m not quite sure whether I’m looking forward to going over details again, or not, but I’m determined to do the best that I can now it’s almost crunch-time.
I’ve probably mentioned before about my drop in marks when I do exams, but I’m going to do the best that I can. I’ve worked it out that, with my continuous assessment marks, I’ve got a decent average for that half of the marking, but I’m going to need a 70% pass mark for the exam to get a Grade 2 pass. I find it all a bit unfair that half of the marks are reliant on the one exam, when I’ve been working so hard throughout the course to get the marks I have done. So it’s all reliant on the exam as to the Grade I’ll get – even though I’ve done the equivalent of a Grade 2 pass with the continuous assessment. If I get below 70% on the exam, I still only get a Grade 3 (don’t get me wrong, I’ll be happy with that, but I find it a bit unfair that so much rests on a three-hour exam, despite the work that’s gone into the rest of it!).
I’m going to have a day dedicated to my Bible study tommorrow – I’ve been a bit neglectfull this last few days, what with the TMA and all, so it’ll be nice to catch up with my Bible reading. I’m looking forward to the short break between my exam, and the start of the new course in Feb., as it’ll give me lots of time to do some more in-depth Bible study and, hopefully, with the pain lessened from my wrists, I’ll be able to do it some justice! :~))
Well, once again I’m sitting sleepless (which is why I’m catching up here), so I guess I could treat myself, and read a totally non-OU-related work of fiction – now, what shall I treat myslf to . . . ? lol

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