Oh Boy! Do I Need Help, Or What!

It’s 4:07 in the morning, and I’m still wide awake! I’ve had over a week of this, with little or no sleep at all, and I’m supposed to be doing revision for my exam, which takes place on the 9th of October – am I ready? Heck, I’m not!
The plan was for me to do The Rover extract for question one, The Color Purple for prose, at question five, and six Lit & Gen poems for the poetry section, at question 8 – this is the real basic, pared down version of what you can pass the exam with. Well, I’ve sorted out the poems I want to do: Ain’t I A Woman by Erlene Stetson, Wherever I Hang by Grace Nichols, Any Woman by Katherine Tynan, An Obstacle by Charlotte Gilman, The Bridge Poem by Katherine Rushin, and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning.
I had to choose Lit & Gen as, although there were many poems that I enjoyed in the Romantics section, none of them held me like this selection did – I was going to choose Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, as it blew my mind when I first read it, but it is just sooooo looonnnngggg, and my poor abused memory just can’t cope with it :~((.
I was a good girl, and organised all that I needed for revision into a separate folder to my A210 course work, and I even organised it into the three sections of Prose, Play and Poetry . . . much good it’s done me! I’ve found that since I started to revise, the moment I settle down to it, something happens. I either get a visitor, have a family crisis or, as it’s been for the last week, my health has severely let me down – I so want it to be the 10th of October right now, so that I can face the morning with it all over bar the shouting!
As an aside, I’m having grave doubts about doing U211 in Feb. I’ve been reading the posts from the students who are currently revising for their exam, and they all seem to be saying that most of the exam involves remembering oodles of facts from the course – with my memory, I’m really worried that I won’t stand a chance in the exam, and so I’m seriously considering changing my course for Feb., and maybe doing A215, the Creative Writing course. It’s something that I was planning on doing after U211 anyway, and it involves an ECA at the end, instead of a formal exam – what I might do, is see how I cope with this exam first, and then see how i feel afterwards? I’ll keep you posted as to my decision.

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