Well I can safetly say that the course is over.
I did the exam today and, while I don’t think I did that well, I also don’t think it will be the disaster I had feared!
It was only this evening, while looking at the questions I had done, that I realised I’d missed out on one whole aspect of question one, that of performance – but I’m hoping that there was enough casually mentioned details included that could be taken as the missing element.
I quite enjoyed doing the prose section, and found plenty to say, which means that, with the way things are working out for me nowadays, I’ve probably got the total wrong end of the stick.
The poetry section was completed with me totally winging it, as my brain was a pile of sludge by the time I reached the last question and, although I managed to remember the technical aspects of poetry, I couldn’t for the life of me remember even one line of the poems – just the jist of the stories told – so I think I’ll barely scrape through with this section, if I’m lucky!
It won’t be until December that I’m put out of my misery as to whether I’ve passed or failed, but at least I know that I’ve done my best and, if I fail, I can always take the resits!
One thing about doing the exam today, it has convinced me to cancel the U211 course in February. I struggled to remember what I did manage today, so I don’t think I would stand a chance at remembering all the detail expected of me for this one.
I’ve already booked a 10-pointer to replace it, A177: Shakespeare: an introduction, and this will occupy 12 weeks of my time in a pleasant, but not too onerus way, while I wait out the time needed before the A215 Creative Writing course starts in October.
In the meantime, if I get cravings for the OU study way of life, they have a great OpenLearn site that lets you dabble in the courses without having to do anything major, so that will keep me out of trouble until my course starts!
Talk to you again soon!

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