I Think I Need Locking Up!

I know it’s only a few days since the exams, but I have to confess to being bored silly! I’ve got so used to studying all the time that ,even with my Bible study, I don’t feel I’ve enough to do – and I guess that’s why I did what I did . . .
I was looking through various writer’s sites (as you do) and came across a link for something called NaNoWriMo.com and, intrigued, decided to see what it was about.
Apparently, in 2001, a group of 21 people decided to see if they could write a 50,000-word novel in the space of a month, and they chose November as that month, and went ahead. They had so much fun doing it that they did it again the following year, then every year since until, last year, there were 69,000 people around the world doing it – the name of the site is National Novel Writers Month.
This intrigued me, and I decided that, as I was bored out of my skull, that I would have a go – so I signed up for it, and am one of 223 people in Wales to do so – although there might be a few more since yesterday (grin)
Writing a novel is probably what everyone who’s ever put pen to paper has dreamed about doing and, when my daughter was little, I often wrote stories for her that friends said were good enough to publish – unfortunately, the publishers didn’t think so and, after the 30th rejection slip, I put away my novelist persona, and slipped on something more practical (although I’ve managed to have 5 poems published in international anthologies – albeit not been paid for them!).
So I guess that this escapade is the last knockings of my little dream of being a novelist, and it will either kill, or expand, my deams of writing ‘that’ book (smile) we’ll see at the end of November how it goes, anyway! lol

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