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Half-Way There Already

Well I don’t know how I’ve managed it, but I’m now at 26,846 words!
When I started this on the 1st, I wasn’t sure that I’d have enough steam to keep going past the first few days but, to my great surprise, the words just keep on coming!
My great novel has actually turned into a series of interlinking stories – and it’s going to be for children, as Unicorns and furry animals are involved, with a little moral to each story, although nothing earthstopping.
I’d written down some plans for a book I’d been hoping to write years ago, and for my daughter when she was young, and so I dusted the plans off, and decided that now might as well be the time to do it.
The strange thing I’ve found is that, as I write the stories, they are becoming more complex and real to me. My characters are developing ‘character‘, and my descriptions of the world around them has become more in-depth and so, what started as a basic storyline for young children, is developing into something a bit more complex for the older child – it feels weird, but very natural in progression, somehow!
I know how the second half wants to be told, but I’m finding that it is writing itself in a slightly different way to the first – as if the story has matured, and now wants to be told in a fuller way, instead of a series of shorter stories – so I’m not sure how it’s going to fit together in the end – I just know that I’ve got to keep writing it now! lol
Oh well, this won’t get the story told, will it?
So I’ll love you and leave you for now – and get back to you, to let you know how the second half continues!

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