I’m Looking Forward To . . .


It’s really just dawning on me what I’ll be doing when my new course starts.
I was fortunate to have a friend email me the details of my TMA and ECA questions for it.

Not that this is really much help without the course books to guide me – but it at least has given me a glimpse – and I’m excited at the scope of the work we will be tackling!

My daughter, who will be doing the same course, has already started to fill her note books with ideas and poetry, and anything else that comes to mind.
She has had a lot of inspiration lately, as she’s about to move from sleepy west Wales, to that vibrant city of Bristol!

I am so going to miss her, so the fact that we’ll be study-buddies during the course is great, as it gives us even more excuse to keep in touch than we already have – it’s going to be a blast, I can see!

We have another study-buddy joining us as well – a good friend I met through the O.U. forums, so we’ll be able to bat ideas off of each other and, hopefully, be even more inspired!

Roll on September, that’s all I can say! Lol.

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