Thinking on new year resolutions

As I don’t celebrate christmas, it’s given me a lot of time to get on with my course work – although I’m a little bit behind due to health problems, alas!
But what it’s also made me do, is think of the new year, and what I want to happen then.

I learned long ago not to make resolutions – I always fail at them, and it just makes me feel bad, so I just stopped beating myself up about it – probably at the same time I stopped ‘doing’ christmas itself!

So, what do I want to happen?

Well, I’ve got my second TMA due on 5th January, so I’m hoping that the effort I’m putting into it will pay dividends, as it’s worth 30% of the total course markings!

I’m already working on it, along with trying to catch up with the course work, and I’m fairly pleased with the idea I’ve come up with, so I’m hoping that, with some tweaking and editing beforehand, it’ll do for my tutor!
I realised today that I haven’t put much of all the stuff I’m working on up on the blog – but it’s all quite bitty so far, and I don’t like putting partially done stuff up for perusal, so I’ve decided to wait until our next block, which is poetry, to put up any work I might have done.

It helps that poetry is the one thing consistent in my life. I’ve always jotted down impressions, and feelings onto paper or, nowadays, directly onto the computer.

I’ve found that this is a great way to focus on any problems that have occured in my life, and the sheer concentration needed to create something out of the chaos of emotion, is a great way to sort out a solution to whatever problems have occured in my life.

I am really looking forward to this next block! Lol

Hope you all have a relaxing time over the holidays!

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