Discovering Ideas

I have been a most fortunate person in my learning experiences.

I had a good education, starting at my mother’s knee, where she taught me how to read and write even before I had started infant school. I then went on to enjoy a good education at various schools during my growing up years, and continued on for a year after leaving senior school, before I unfortunately had to give up my educational quest, due to financial pressures.

Sadly, it was many years after this before I was encouraged to resume my quest, and it took a lot of persaution from my husband and daughter before I felt able to sign up with the O.U. to follow the dream I’d had for years!

I’ve now reached the half-way mark in my bid to gain a BA (Hon) in Literature & Humanities, and I find it such a privilege to be able to do such fantastic courses, such as this present one of Creative Writing.

There have been times along the way when I’ve hated what I’m doing, as I have been stretched far beyond my comfort zone and, no doubt, as I go on to the Level 3 courses I need to do to complete things, there will be even more, but – and this is a big but – I can’t see me wanting to change things, so as to make things more easy for myself, otherwise what’s the point of all the hard work I’ve already put in?

I think we all need challenges, whether it’s from education, or any other aspect of our lives, otherwise we wither and fade away – yes, I know, not always in a physical sense – but in the way that we see things around us, in how we enjoy the discoveries brought to us by those who still have got seeking minds, and by the sheer joy of being alive in such an age of information readily avialable to us!

I sat here this afternoon, working a little on one of the poems I’m going to be submitting for this next TMA (Tutor-marked assignment), when I realized how privileged I have been, and it quite humbled me, and made me even more determined to do my very best as I continue discovering new ideas.

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