Well, that’s 05 off!

I was never so glad as when I pressed the button that sent my TMA 05 over the aether, and into the postbox of my tutor (hopefully!), for it to be dissected, and marked – hopefully, with a light pen! {g}
I had started getting quite obssesional with it, so felt it was time I sent it off, before I changed it out of all recognition!
So I breathed a sigh of relief when it was gone, and now all I have to do is the last few tweakings for my ECA.
This won’t be easy, as the work on my TMA hadn’t been, because the Fibro-fog that plagues me regularly has been a constant companion this last few weeks, and it’s been a real pain to try and concentrate on anything, let alone the two most important essays of the whole course!
But I’ve managed it and, if my work isn’t up to the standards I’d like, at least they will get me a pass – I hope! Lol

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these last two essays, despite the health problems and, for the first time since I started the course, had a good insight into what was needed in editing terms in order to enhance my work, although I’ve no doubt that my tutor will find plenty to comment on, as she is very good at gently guiding us all along the path of self-knowledge – one of the main things I’ve found is needed if you are at all serious about writing. 🙂
I’m just waiting for some forms to arrive, and then I will be finalising my ECA, finishing off the commentary, and tidying up my references, and then I will be printing three copies of it, and sending them by post – for the first time since starting with the O.U. – and then comes the wait to see whether I’ve passed and, if I have, what sort of overall mark I’ll get.

I’m really hoping to get a Grade 2 pass, as I did for my last course. I’ve given up hoping for anything higher, as my memory just won’t let me absorb, and retain, enough information to get anything higher. But a grade 2 will make me a very happy bunny!

So now my thoughts will start to go on to my next course – A363: Level 3 Creative Writing, where I will be introduced to the joys (I hope) of scriptwriting, something I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve promised myself that I will try and get something that I’ve created this year into print if I can, and I’ve already earmarked a few competitions and magazines that I’ll be sending stuff to, so wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed for me, would you?

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