I’ve heard back from the sci-fi mag . . .

I received an email from Neo-opsis, the magazine I had sent my first grown-up sci-fi story to and, as I had mostly expected, they didn’t want it.

The reasons, to my relief, weren’t that it was absolutely awful but, as the very kind editor explained, she:

‘got the feeling that the story wasn’t over, that And There is a Right Way was only a small part of a much larger story, and [she] felt somewhat cheated with the way the story ended. Other publishers may not feel the same way. They will love the story just as it is written.’

So, along with the disappointment, there was also much encouragement to persevere with this!

What I’m going to have to do, is decide whether to contact the list of publishers she, very kindly, gave me, or whether to work more at the story, and maybe develop it more fully than it is, especially after she indicated that it felt only part of a larger whole . . .

I guess this is something I should sleep on, and decide after I see if I’m capable of developing it further.

I see that tommorrow will find me looking at the various publishers I was given, to see if my work is suitable ‘as is’ and, if not, a thorough examination of my work so far seems the next step.

Ah well, I never expected the life of a writer to be easy so, ‘on, on,’ as they say! Lol

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