And it’s getting nearer . . .

There was a knock at the door just before lunch today and, when I answered it, I found a deliveryman at the door. He handed me a parcel from the O.U., and I immediately brought it into my office to open.

Inside, there was a spiral-bound copy of my new A363 course book!

I’ve given it a brief look through so far, and I am impressed with the quality of the work. I will be very happy to be starting this course soon, and am determined to give the book a quick read-through before the course start date. I could see already that there were words and phrases being used that I’m not very familiar with, so this is the ideal opportunity to go through it, taking note of things I need to look up, and then I’m sure the course work will go a lot more smoothly for me!

It looks like I need to resupply myself with various coloured stick-it notes, and some more notepads to use as a writer’s journal, especially as I’m almost out of it all now!

I am really looking forward to October!

In the meantime, I’ve just sent off another poem for a United Press competition – this one being the Local Poem Competition 2010. I’ve written a poem called Mouth of the Aeron, about the town just a mile or so away from my village, so I just hope the judges like it!


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