Well, it’s definitely a start, anyway . . . Lol

I got an envelope from the O.U. in the post yesterday, and I was quite excited opening it up, as I hoped it would tell me something about my new course.
It actually contained all the transcripts I’m going to need for the CD’s and the DVD that will be part of my new A363 course.

I receive these, as my hearing isn’t brilliant, so I can’t hear the CD’s as clearly as I need to, and I’m more grateful to the O.U. than I can say for this facility. It actually means that I can really go over what is said, and pinpoint words or phrases that have a significance for me during my course work, and it makes life so very much more easy for me.

It’s this sort of thing that makes studying with the O.U. so very good for me, and for many more students with problems both physically or otherwise. The Disabled Students Association does a lot of work behind the scenes, organising things for every disabled student that asks for their help and, although there can be a few problems with communication, and the occasional hickup where applying for this help is concerned, on the whole it does a sterling job for us, the students.

I know for a fact that there would be no way I could have continued on doing my courses towards a degree, if they hadn’t provided things for me that help me with my study, like the laptop I’m currently writing on, or the software called ‘Dragon’ that enables me to write my essays when my hands are too painful to type, and it’s this sort of thing that the O.U. are renowned for, and that make such a difference between success and failure for me. They truly do try to make the playing field as level as they can for us students with problems, giving the restrictions of finance, and they should be proud of the advances they have made towards helping to make as many disabled students as possible to have access to higher learning.

I have just completed the third of six courses necessary for my degree, and I wouldn’t have got this far without the practical help they offered, and it means I can continue on towards the next goal – my very first Level 3 course – with the confidence of knowing that I am supported whenever I need it!


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