Promises, promises . . .

I had promised myself that I would start on the Big Blue Book (BBB), the course book for A363, which arrived last week but, as in all plans of mice and men, there seems to have been one thing after another stopping me this week!

Between illness and unexpected trips and visitors, I feel as if I’ve barely had a moment to think, let alone look in any depth at the book, but I’m determined to do better next week, as I feel I need to make a head start, just in case ill health puts me behind with the course which, if this last few weeks is an example, will probably happen.

I’ve managed a brief look-through and, from the small amount read, I really feel I’m going to enjoy this course, even if it is a giant step up from my usual studies so far. To prepare ahead of myself a little, I’ve already started an embryonic support group of friends and fellow-students who will be doing the same course, albeit in different tutor groups, and I think this will be of great help to all of us, especially as we’re all feeling a little apprehensive over learning about script-writing for the first time.

But, whatever faces us once the course starts, I’m sure we’ll be able to cope with anything thrown at us, with the support of each other!


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