A bit late, but better late than never!

For only the second time since I started studying with the Open University, I got to the point where I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to post a TMA!

But, after an appalling few weeks, health-wise, I’ve actually managed to post my TMA 04 yesterday!
I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see the back of it – 2 1/2 days late but, as I said, better late than never!

I actually thought at one point that I’d never get it done, as I’ve spent the last few weeks either curled up in a ball of agony, with an awful migraine attack added to my other woes (triggered by this stupid virus I’m suffering with, I’m sure), or else sleeping for Britain!

What I did post wasn’t my best work, by any means, but I knew that, if I didn’t post it then, I wouldn’t do so at all, as this fatigue thing is getting worse šŸ˜¦

Ever since I had swine flu, in October, 2009, I’ve had issues with fatigue and then, getting another virus aroundĀ ChristmasĀ time, I now feel as if I’m spending the majority of my life sleeping šŸ˜¦
I’ve gone from barely getting any sleep at all, because of pain, to not being able to stay awake for any more than 3 hours (if I’m lucky) in any 24 – and this, despite the pain!

Viruses really do have a lot to do with it, I’m sure and, as soon as my doctor is back in the surgery (hopefully, some time next week), hubby’s taking me there, to see if there are any tests that can be done, to find out what the virus is, and if there’s something I can take that will get rid of it, and help to wake me up a bit šŸ˜¦

And in the meantime, I’m now a week behind on the course-work but, also for the first time, I’m not going to fret over it!Ā 
I’m going to do what I can, when I can, and try to get my health sorted out before anything else for once!

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