Talk about amazed. . . . . .

I couldn’t believe it when I received the notification that my TMA had been marked and returned – I got a whopping 74%!

I had to check it twice, in case I’d been sent somebody else’s results by mistake but, no – it was actually true! 🙂

I have to admit that there was so much room for improvement, and I’d made some very silly mistakes, such as messing up the Harvard referencing, but, overall, I’m well pleased with my first TMA result. {big grin}.

Altogether, I think that I’m beginning to get to grips a little with the course – at least, it doesn’t seem to be quite as bewildering to read through now, but the sheer amount of reading we’re expected to get through over the next few weeks is daunting – even for me, the perpetual bookworm!

We have a double chapter to go through in both the study guide and course books, which means double the activities, plus we’re also expected to read through Ronald Carter’s Language and Creativity: the art of common talk book – something I’m not looking forward to, as I’ve read so many complaints about it by fellow students, one of them being that it sends them to sleep – the very last thing I need at this moment!

But, I’m determined to get through it all, and now have TMA 02 looming on the horizon (8th December), where I’ll be expected to choose some of my own data to analyse, which means finding someone, or some people, to tape while talking, transcribe that talk, and then analyse it to discuss why “Creativity is a normal feature of everyday conversation”. I’ll need to decide just how I’m going to analyse anything I’ve chosen, choose the analysis tools most suitable for the job, and explain why I’ve chosen these tools, and what they bring to the analysis so, no pressure then? {wry grin}

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