It’s like wading through a bath of treacle . . .

In all the years that I have been reading fluently, I have never come across a book that could actually put me physically to sleep – until now 😦

For the last week, I’ve been desperately trying to read Carter’s Language and Creativity: the art of common talk, and getting absolutely nowhere! 

It has actually taken me this last week just to read the Acknowledgements and Introduction to the book, and I’ve only just managed to reach Chapter 1 at last – over a week later. The trouble is, there are 6 chapters to go through, and I need to do this before the weekend, or it will impinge on my writing time for the many activities we’re supposed to complete each week 😦

This is either going to be the worst week of my life, or I’m going to end up behind again 😦

Unfortunately, I can’t blame the book entirely for my falling asleep within minutes of picking it up, as I’m permanently fighting sleep anyway, even without having to cope with Carter’s labyrinthine sentence structures!

All I can hope for, is that the book either gets a lot more interesting for me to read, or that I get used to Carter’s way of writing, and quickly! Either choice is highly unlikely for me, I suspect, but I guess I’m going to have to keep on wading through treacle until I get to the end – Oh, I look forward to that!

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