And it’s all over . . .

That’s it. The end.

I sent off my very last EMA, a 3,000-word essay, where I had to choose 2 texts, using no more than 500 words between them, and then find the creativity and literariness within them, using at least two of the theorists from each part of the module, using 3,000 words, with a 10% leeway.

I managed it in 3,259 words of complete and utter waffle, but at least I managed to mention the more major theorists, along with their theories!

It wasn’t my best essay of the module, but I don’t think it was my worst, either. But I guess I’ll find out in August, when our results come back, as to whether I’ve passed or failed. It won’t be my tutor marking them, but someone else, who won’t know me, my style of writing, or the health problems I’ve had throughout the module, so I’m just hoping I’ve done enough, even if it’s just to get a bare pass! 

If I’ve failed, then I’ll be offered another chance to sit it, which I’m hoping and praying isn’t the case.

If I’ve passed, then it means I’ll be the proud owner of a BA (Hons) Literature with Creative Writing.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with myself after 6 years with the Open University. It’s going to be very strange, not to be constantly surrounded by piles of course books, paper, files, and the odd sweet wrapper (study has always driven me to snacking).

But at least I’ll be able to start tackling the ever-increasing pile of novels waiting to be read 🙂

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