Sending gifts is always nice :)

Even though I don’t do the Christmas thing – or maybe because I don’t – I do enjoy sending surprises to my daughter. I normally get her things I know she needs, which she says is even better than when we used to do birthdays and Christmas as, instead of saving the gift-giving to specific times of the year, she now gets what she needs, when she actually needs it 🙂

I mention this, because I’ve just sent her a parcel of stuff I crocheted for her – a parcel that ended up weighing 2 KG! Lol

As it’s got really cold in Bristol, I’ve crocheted her a selection of different hats, a scarf, 4 pairs of gloves, and some leg warmers – these are the things I actually completed in time to put into the parcel. I’ve now just finished a pair of mittens that convert easily into fingerless gloves, and I’m in the process of making her another pair of leg warmers – apparently, you can never have enough of these . . . 

All of this has kept me particularly busy but, now the pressure is off, and I don’t meed to worry that she’ll feel the cold so much, I decided to get back to finishing off the blanket I’ve been making for myself, while also crocheting a crochet hook holder, which I desperately need, as I’ve got so many different hooks now.

I managed to find a couple of free patterns on the internet, but I went with my favourite crocheter, Claire, or BobWilson123 as she’s known as. I used her pattern from:

I used her basic pattern, but I converted it into more of a purse than a roll, as I wanted to keep all of my crochet stuff together in one package.

I used a multi-coloured yarn that my daughter had given to me, although, as there wasn’t a label, I’m not sure exactly just what it is called, and I also used a yarn I already had in stock, a Foxy DK in an emerald green 100% acrylic, which I’ve enjoyed using for various projects, including my daughter’s first set of fingerless gloves, and the leg warmers I’m completing right now 🙂

The crochet hook holder is in 2 layers – the outer layer all done in SC, with the inner layer done in a lovely dusky lilac acrylic wool, and crocheted in DC, so that the hooks can slide through the gaps and be held.

I sewed the two layers together, then folded the resultant piece into 3, so it formed into a large clutch-type bag, which measures around 29 cms wide, and 22 cms high. I then fastened it together with a chain made of the multi-coloured wool, sewn on to the front opening, and held closed with a loop sewn onto the bottom-front.

I’ve been able to fit the zipped pouch containing my very first set of crochet hooks, some of my spare hooks (with more being added very soon), and some sewing needles and other bits and pieces into the pouch section that I created when I folded the work into 3, so I’m really pleased that I can now keep everything together in one place – and it’ll be great if I ever need to travel any place, too 🙂

I took some photos of the finished article, and I don’t think I did too badly for my first attempt, so I hope you like what you see? 🙂

Front view

Back view


Inside view 

I think this whole thing could easily be converted to hold knitting needles, or sewing equipment, too 🙂

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