. . . and the gifts were well received! :)

I’ve had a lovely phone conversation with my daughter this evening 🙂

She got home from work, and her landlord handed her the parcel I’d sent her. She opened it as soon as she got in her flat, and she tells me she’s over the moon with everything I sent her – and it all fits perfectly as well!

She apparently did a little fashion show for her friend who lives in the same house, and she is really happy to be keeping so much warmer now!

I’m really pleased about this, as I’ve just finished another couple of bits for her – a pair of mittens that convert to fingerless, so that Brex can text without having to take her gloves off, but keep her fingers warm otherwise. I made them with a colour-flecked, cotton-rich, yarn, and I used a small square of Velcro to keep the flap closed when she wears them. I also made another pair of leggings, made with the emerald green 100% acrylic wool that I like to use:)

The gloves are a first attempt at a mix of a few patterns I’d found around the internet – they’re a bit rough around the edges, but I’m hoping to improve on them with some more practice 🙂

I really enjoyed embellishing the leggings with some buttons I’d got from eBay – a place where I tend to purchase so much of my yarn as, being housebound, it’s the easiest, and more cheaper, way to get the amount I’m using at the moment 🙂

One thing Brex, my daughter, did say to me, though, is that, if I can make a steady supply of stuff like I’ve made for her, it’s possible she could sell it for me in Bristol.

This is something I’ll definitely think of, as I’m hoping I could at least recoup the cost of the yarns etc.

I’ll definitely not be stopping making stuff, so I guess this is the next road to travel – and I’ve already thought up my own label, as the change in name for my Blog shows – I’ve been a night owl for years, so I might as well use that name for my own logo! Lol

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