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Well, I’ve finished the blanket – at last!

It seems to have taken me an age to craft the blanket for my daughter, and I guess that was mainly through ill-health interfering 😦

The worst time for this, was this last few days, when I only had a little to do to finish it, but my hands just refused to co-operate, and I couldn’t even hold my crochet hook for a few minutes. 

But the weather changed slightly, and my pain-killers, and anti-inflammatory medication, finally kicked in and I was able to finish it – including rather clumsily sewing on my own specially-made label, and one of my small metal owls, as this is the logo I’ve chosen for my craft work.

The blanket isn’t finished as well as I would have liked, but my daughter is ever-forgiving of slight faults, and is always grateful for whatever I make her, bless her heart 🙂

I’ve made it big enough to fit across the length and width of my double bed, so I guess it’s around 4’6″ x 6’6″ all told (approx: 137cms x 198cms).

I used around 2kgs of wool to complete it – I’ve just weighed it, and it comes to 2268g, or 2.68 kilos!

The wool I used, was my usual 100% acrylic, consisting of:

Cygnet DK in Royal Blue – Shade: 133, Dye/Lot: 45893, 

Foxy DK in Jade Green, 

New Fashion DK in Kingfisher – Shade: 511, Dye/Lot: 202, and

James C. Brett Top Value DK in Kingfisher – Shade: 845, Dye/Lot: 4586.

Here’s a close-up of the blanket pattern, which is in the same Wavy Shell pattern I used for my own blanket, and which I found online at the AllFreeCrochet.com site, at:


You can just see my ‘Hand-crafted by The Night Owl’ label, along with the Owl I use as my identifying logo 🙂

I’ve now just started on the fingerless gloves and leggings that my daughter’s friend asked me to make, so I guess that’ll be the subject of my next Blog 🙂

P.S: I’ve just been naughty, and bought some gorgeous wool from Yarn Paradise, online, in the ‘Ice’ range, and all in summer-weight linen and cotton yarns. 

I’m ever hopeful that we’ll actually get a summer this year! Lol

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