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Half-finished projects . . .

It’s been an up and down time for me this last few days.

I’m battling bad health, while trying to keep on with a couple of projects I’ve started, but I’m going nowhere fast at the moment 😦

On a good note, I finished my daughter’s neck pillow, and she’s delighted with the picture I sent her of it – she won’t be picking it up until mid-March, when she comes here for a visit – but she can’t wait to take it, and the blanket I crocheted for her, back to Bristol, where she tells me it’s freezing cold at the moment 🙂

Here’s the pic I took of the pillow, although it isn’t showing the detail of it too well:

Because I used the same 3 colours from her blanket, the pillow is a lot thicker than those I’ve made previously, and I have to admit it was a lot harder to crochet, especially as my hands aren’t too strong any more. This meant that it took me twice as long to make – but also means it is sturdy enough to put up with all the use it’s going to have at the various festivals Brex is going to be working at 🙂

Of course, when it does eventually wear, I’m  going to make sure I keep the same colours to make a replacement 🙂

The two projects I’ve started are half-finished at the moment, and I can’t see me finishing them in the next few days, unless the arthritis in my hands eases up soon. One is a neck pillow for a child, made in the shape of a cat so, as you may imagine, it’s been quite tricky to do for someone relatively new at crochet. I’m not sure, until it’s finished, whether it will be good enough to put a picture on here, but I’ll see at the time – but it’s already been appropriated by hubby, who has named it already (‘though he won’t tell me the name until it’s finished) Lol

My other project, is a small child’s purse/bag, and it’s in the shape of an Owl – one of my favourite real animals – as opposed to fantasy ones, of course – and I think it’s going to turn out good enough to either give as a gift or, maybe, even try to sell – but we’ll see when it’s done 🙂

In the meantime, I’m catching up on some well-earned reading, as I had a lovely big box of books arrived the other day, so I’ve got lots to read for a change 🙂

Hubby tells me I looked like a child given the freedom of a sweet shop when I opened the box of books – but I guess I’ve always felt that way about books – and reading – so nothing new there then! Lol

See you soon . . . . 

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