To Yarn bomb, or not. . . . . .

I have just read an article, posted by Michael Sellick in his Blog, The Crochet Crowd, and it really got me to thinking about how I viewed crochet. Did I think of it as a nice hobby or, as Mikey does, do I believe it is an individual’s artistic expression?

I really didn’t have to think too hard for the answer, though, as it is the inspiring work of people like Mikey, that has encouraged so many people, like myself, to take up this amazing craft. His work is always colourful, zany, incredibly inspiring, and as near to a brilliant work of art, as I’ve ever seen!

In his article, Engaging Others: Food For Thought, to be found here: 

Mikey tells us that some people have accused him of being wasteful with yarn, when he creates his fascinating and exhilarating yarn bombs. Pardon? Who in their right minds could call what he does ‘wasteful’?

Being a newbie to the crochet scene, it has been his inspirational work in this form of artistic expression, that excited me enough to be determined to work hard enough, to gain the skills needed to attempt this sort of project. I doubt if I will ever attain the same level of skill with crochet work as Mikey has, but his work has encouraged me to be the best that I can be!

So, if his artistic expression does anything, then surely it can be said to be a great example of something we can all work at to achieve – and is in no way a waste – neither of Mikey’s time, labour, artistic expression, nor yarn!

I find it totally sad that there are still people who value art so little that they can only see it’s expression as ‘waste!

Yarn Bombed Bike, The Crochet Crowd

When you see a picture, such as this above – a tricycle that Mikey yarn-bombed for Canada’s largest consumer Craft show, held in April of this year – surely you can see the thought, time, energy and, especially, the artistic value that he put into it?

Mikey’s whole ethos is about inspiring as many people as possible to take up this craft – or any other for that matter – in order to express their own creativity. As far as I’m concerned, he’s doing it right, and I hope he will always have the energy to keep on working at his yarn-bomb pieces, so that they can keep influencing ever more people to take up this wonderfully expressive, age-old craft!

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