A Project completed . . .

After three weeks of, rather intense, work, I’ve finally finished the mascot I’ve been making for my daughter!

As she’s coming home today, to stay for a couple of days before her busy life sucks her back into it’s mad whirl, I will present said mascot, and really hope she’ll love him – as I have put all of my love into every single stitch, and the many hours it has taken me to complete him.

I know just how fortunate I am in having such a loving, responsive daughter, and the few, brief, times each year that we spend together can be rather intense, as we chatter to each other, and have ‘family hugs’ as much as possible, to stave us over the parted times.

When I was in my teens, I was told in no uncertain terms, that I would never bear a child. Three months after I married my darling Bob, I fell pregnant! To look at our daughter’s tiny face the moment she was born, was such a miracle to me, and I have felt this way for all of the nearly 29 years she has been on this earth.

Our miracle child has grown up to be an amazing woman – a bundle of energy – who has many adopted-by-love brothers and sisters all over the world. Whether her reaching out is part of being an only child, or something intrinsically loving in her heart, I’m not absolutely positive about, but her heart is so big, I feel she would encompass the whole world in it, if she could 🙂

We are so proud of our stilt-walking, fire-performing girl, and are looking forward to her arrival later on today – and our precious couple of days together 🙂


Stilt-walking Water lily!


Practising for Boomtown.

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