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The Massive Crisis in American Private Healthcare

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Mike’s published several articles this week on the continuing stealth privatisation of the NHS by the Tories. Maggie wanted to privatise the NHS in the 1980s, and successive right-wing governments have been gradually undermining it ever since, including that of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. But America’s private healthcare system is in an even worse state. Healthcare costs are rocketing to the point where health insurance is unaffordable to many American citizens. Before Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, 20 per cent of Americans could not afford their health insurance. Now that figure’s been drastically cut. It is still, however, only a palliative stop-gap. Trump and his goons wish to repeal it, leaving millions of Americans without health insurance. So now, about 58 per cent of Americans now want single-payer healthcare.

Russell Mokhiber has written an interesting article in Counterpunch, in which he describes a discussion with an American electrical…

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Assessment Made Me Suicidal

As I’m going through the processes of this government changing over my Indefinite award of DLA, to the new PIP, I can totally feel what you are feeling at this moment.
Apart from knowing, even before I sent the PIP2 ‘How Your Disability Affects You’ form, I had to face, all over again just how much I have become reliant on my hubby’s help to do even the normal things in life, and that alone makes my heart ache for the woman I used to be, but will never see again 😦
I’m now waiting to hear whether Capita will accept my Doctor’s letter, telling them that I’m too ill to go for a face-to-face assessment, and asking them to come to my home to do this – and I really don’t know what the answer will be – but I dread having to go through the humiliating, and so very personal, details that I’ve already had to write down, so that complete strangers can probably have a good laugh at what I go through just to live as normal a life as I’m able to.
If I knew that going through this ritual humiliation was truly necessary, and that the DWP would actually listen to my many Consultants, and judge me on their medical words, too, I could cope with it – but I’ve read too many times of people being awarded no points at all, and losing their disability benefits, because some ‘health assessor’, who hasn’t trained for 7-10 years to get a medical degree as my Doctor and Consultants have, decides that I can be one of the many they turn down, to get the government’s figures looking better 😦

Same Difference

Former science teacher Emma Round, 33, who lives with her husband, in Ladywood, Birmingham, tells Claire Donnelly how constant assessment made her suicidal. As part our Wigan Pier 2017 project, she explains why the future seems bleak for anyone living with disability.

The assessment process is completely inhumane, it’s causing so much pain and trauma for people who are already struggling to cope.

You live in absolute fear of the next change, the next assessment.

I’ve got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I spent every day in the run up to my last assessment thinking about killing myself to make the stress stop.

You are made to feel you are to blame for needing support. The next step will be assisted suicide – if a right to die is ever made legal here we will see disabled people using it as they have been made to feel they are such…

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