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Jeremy Corbyn’s Economic Plan is Not Crazy

I’ve just come across this post and, even to an economics numpty like me, what Corbyn proposed in 2015, is a lot more likely to succeed than the austerity being pushed by the tories.
All I can hope for now, is that ordinary people take note of what’s said via social media, rather than in the tory-run newspapers, so we can get Labour in, to start fixing the many things the tories have broken!

Benjamin Studebaker

Over the past week, I’ve been hearing the rumors. They’re saying that Jeremy Corbyn is crazy–that he’s released an economic plan so radical, so incendiary, so madcap that no reasonable person could possibly support him for Labour leader. I thought to myself “Oh no Jeremy, what could you possibly have done to get these folks so riled up?” So I read the plan. It’s not crazy–indeed, there is significant support in the literature and in recent experience for what Corbyn is proposing.

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