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Type 1 diabetic left without food and income. New people requesting food parcels. The struggle continues.

Once again, this wonderful lady, Charlotte, has been doing everything she can to help those who have to visit the Jobcenter in Ashton Under Lyne, but now she, and her trusty band of Demonstrators, are having to help even more people, as the jobcenter at Stalybridge, around 2 miles away from the Ashton jobcenter, has been closed, and all those forced to sign on, must now try and either find the money to travel to the Ashton center or, if they don’t have the money, walk there – and considering so many people who should have been having disability benefits, have been refused them, and are then forced to sign on instead, there’s every likelihood that there will be a few who will be having sanctions very soon, because of this situation!

I hope Charlotte and her team can keep on going, especially as they have now reached their fourth year of demonstrating outside the Ashton jobcenter – and if anyone can either help financially, so that more leaflets to help the unemployed and ill, to claim what they should rightly have, can be printed, or maybe can help with more food parcels, which are gone the minute they arrive or, if not that, then maybe with standing together with Charlotte and her team, I’m sure they will have a very warm welcome 🙂

The poor side of life

My daughter and I arrived at our weekly demo a few minutes early, it’s always good to get everything set up first so that we aren’t too rushed. Unfortunately my plan was thwarted, because I was busy from the minute that I arrived. It’s like this most weeks sadly.

I’m sure that some people might think that we really aren’t that busy and it’s quiteeasy going. They have the misconception that we just stand around protesting and handing a few leaflets out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone thathas attended our weekly demos can attest that we are busy, that we don’t just stand there and we doa lot of work on foot. This is also hampered by the fact that we are outside, in a public space which iswhere we are supposed to be, but it isn’t easy to give advice on a busy street and at…

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